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E126 - Getting Digital With John Dunford

“The best shortcut I could recommend to anyone trying to level up quite quickly… look at who’s doing it well… if you want to see the donor journey that they’re taking people on to try and get someone from a small one-off donation through to growing commitment and growing engagement over time, make a small donation yourself because you’re going to go on that journey…”In this episode we speak with John Dunford, CEO of The Developer Society

In this episode, we speak to John Dunford, who has heaps of experience in helping charities to understand digital and finding what technologies could work for them. Given the increasing need charities have to digitally evolve, we wanted to pick his brains and find out more about where charities can begin.

John was very accommodating and allowed us to take the conversation off on a few slight tangents, including understanding more about the co-op structure in which he and his colleagues work.

In this time of relentless change, we must consider the possibilities of how our work could adapt and evolve, both in terms of technology but also in governance.

Speaking with John filled us with hope that technology can go some way to addressing the bleak economic and social outlook that many recent reports have pointed to. But as you will hear, it isn’t just about the technology.

This is episode is sponsored by Charity Chat's platinum sponsor Charity People.

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