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E171: Dive to Thrive - Coaching for a Better World

“I want people to innovate, to feel they can express good ideas and be themselves.” - Adam Bryan, Founder of Dive to Thrive

Adam Bryan, Founder of Dive to Thrive, an organisation that incorporates wellbeing and executive coaching to help you to perform at the top of your game, make good decisions and achieve your goals.

In this episode, Adam shares his commitment and passion for wellbeing and coaching and shares his personal journey and motivation to set up Dive to Thrive.

1. The aims of Dive to Thrive and what led Adam to set up the org?

Adam trained to be an Executive Coach and a contact from Macmillan further sparked his interest and encouraged him to become a coach because he’s a good listener and asks questions. Adam is driven by helping clients to find the answers to their own challenges. The idea that the best coach brings out the brilliance in their client resonated with him.

Adam was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes aged 35, which has made him the person he is today as it has helped him to focus on diet and nutrition. He wanted to challenge himself, and signed up to compete in marathons and triathlons, which eventually led to his passion for cold water swimming, something that he sees the benefits of, both mental and physical.

Dive to Thrive aims to help individuals and teams achieve their best at work, develop a growth mindset and develop a safe space where people can be themselves. This has resulted in a culture of innovation within organisations.

2. How Dive to Thrive supports organisations that been impacted by the pandemic

It is important to highlight how challenging the last year has been, with some people struggling with mental and/or physical health and not everybody feels that they can talk about this. Many organisations take this seriously and have invested in looking after their staff. Adam has been working with individuals and teams, for example the first project this year worked with the team at Shelter to motivate the team and address physical, emotional and mental health. The project included yoga, a gratitude sharing exercise and meditation. Dive to Thrive’s work enables individuals and teams to have fun whilst doing these exercises and address topics people wouldn’t ordinarily feel comfortable addressing with your team.

Other workshops explore how we can make the most of our working day in the hybrid work from home and in the office module. Adam has found that people push themselves and achieve much more than they had expected.

3. What has Adam learnt so far?

Those who are already motivated, want to get ahead and try new things, but Adam also acknowledges that there is something to be done to encourage more people to find something that works for them in a wellbeing environment. Finding something as simple as a daily walk, can make a huge difference to someone’s mental, emotional and physical health. Ultimately, Dive to Thrive exists to provide people with the tools to perform at their best.

Find out more by visiting the Dive to Thrive website

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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