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E187 - The Charity Landscape Report With Catherine Mahoney And Alan Lally - Francis

“I think there is a proactive need for charities to prove themselves… which takes on extra work and capacity and just not be complacent with our work as front line providers..."

- Alan Lally-Francis

In this episode we speak with Alan Lally-Francis from ACEVO and Catherine Mahoney from CAF about the recent Charity Landscape report, and what it tells us about the challenges charities are facing and how they might overcome them.

1. The challenges that charities are facing

There are clearly lots of challenges facing the charity sector. The Covid pandemic, which still continues to haunt us, is now compounded by the rising cost of living, inequality, and a dip and possibly a downward trend of public trust in charities.

2. The reports

We mentioned the ACEVO pay and equalities survey:

3. Perhaps...

So what can we do about it. Well, this will be a question that Charity Chat hopes to help answer over the coming difficult months and possibly years.

Perhaps the challenges that so many people face at the moment will lead to a greater level of empathy across our society. Perhaps we will see a backlash to growing inequalities that we have touched on in previous episodes of this podcast. Perhaps we will see a u-turn in the recent downturn in public trust and, with a new Charity Commission Chair, a new era for the sector.

The one thing that seems most likely is that the sector will be more needed than ever. I hope that those working harder than ever, with less resource than before - perhaps that’s you, will take some solace, encouragement and empowerment from hearing how so many others are continuing to fight the good fight, stand up for the growing population of those in dire need, and doing what they can to help right the ship.

These are not easy times but as the old adage goes: ‘if you are going through hell, keep going.’ And we hope that we can help in this by bringing voices together, from across our diverse, passionate, and dynamic sector.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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