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E254 - ThinkNPC Discussion On AI

“I think where we stand at the moment in the charity sector, there’s a general awareness that we need to get to grips with tech, and if you ask a lot of leaders and trustees they will say yes we absolutely think this is important, then when asked well do you have a strategy about this that isn’t just about IT, or do you have the requisite skills on your board, then they will often say no we don’t, so I think closing that gap is hugely important.” – Rhodri Davies

This is a special episode where we present the recent ThinkNPC discussion on AI, presented by Tris Lumley, with guests Tania Duarte and Rhodri Davies. They speak about the opportunities, risks, benefits and challenges that AI poses for the charity sector, and how charities and their leadership might navigate these.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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