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Corporate Policy

Charity Chat Podcast is committed to sound ethical collaboration with commercial and corporate partners in the interest of charity workers, volunteers, trustees and supporters. We receive support from a range of companies including gifts in kind and sponsorship, as part of a fundraising strategy.  

Charity Chat Podcast is a volunteer organisation, offering learning tools and enabling conversation through social media, enewsletters and fortnightly podcasts.   

We recognise the importance of working with companies and supporters of the organisation, to best meet the needs of our listeners and volunteer contributors, and to cover the operational needs of Charity Chat Podcast. However, the views of the organisation are always reached independently and are based on informed and balanced evidence, ensuring that these companies do not impact or influence our strategic direction.  


This policy provides clear guidance about how Charity Chat Podcast works with sponsors and companies.  


  1. Under no circumstances will companies influence the organisation’s strategy, policy, activities or actions either explicitly or implicitly. This includes no influence on programme schedules, agendas and recruitment of fellow contributors and volunteers. 

  2. Every collaboration will be assessed and agreed on an individual basis according to the organisation’s corporate policy. 

  3. In accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, the organisation will not, under any circumstances, disclose any confidential information regarding its supporters or contributors to any companies. 

  4. The organisation is committed to being open about our relationship with companies.  

  5. The organisation will make public all partnerships with companies and sponsors through our website,  

  6. Income from companies and sponsors will be clearly disclosed via

  7. A written agreement is drawn up at the beginning of each new partnership with any company and each partnership will be monitored and evaluated. 

  8. The organisation is open and honest in response to any public or media enquiry concerning relationships with corporate partners. 


For more information, please contact Charity Chat Podcast on  

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