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E:39 Tech for Good with Tori Ellaway and Rachael Townley

Technical evolution seems to be speeding up and it's easy to feel left behind. What are the fundamentals that charities, both big and small, should think about before embracing new technologies to help them do the great work they want to do?

Tori Ellaway, FUSE lead at Cast, and Rachael Townley, Digital Services Manager at Action for Children discussed this and more in this episode of the podcast.Here are some links that help to support what was said.

1. Info about Fuse

2. Digital Design Principles for the Charity Sector

3. The Six Tenets of Tech For Good

4. Tech for Good Near You App - find a local tech for good meet up

5. For more information about the randomised coffee trials, get in touch through our website.


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