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E119 - The Next Charity Commission Chair with Andrew Purkis OBE

Unless you have the basic respect of the constituency that you are regulating, you're very unlikely to be a very good regulator.

In this episode I am delighted to, once again, speak with Andrew Purkis OBE about the role of the Chair of the Charity Commission, who steps down in February, her track record, and what Andrew hopes the next Chair will bring to the role.

Andrew is a fitting commentator for this subject, having sat as a Board member of the Charity Commission in the past and with many years of relevant knowledge and expertise.

It's been made clear, from many of the responses to recent comments from the current Chair of the Charity Commission, that the sector is not pleased with Baroness Stowell’s approach. Indeed, as Andrew said, “Sweeping disparagement of the sector as a whole, is annoying, especially when you’re working your socks off" - charity trustees, workers, volunteers, and charity beneficiaries i'm sure would agree. This has been a very difficult year for the charity sector, which has slogged away, despite a lack of funding, to help more people than ever.

I for one, hope that the government learns quickly that the charity sector is vital for the function and betterment of the country, and that it is in their interests to support it. One function of that support will be to help ensure that the next Chair of the Charity Commission better represents the behaviours and qualifications laid out in the job description, and is well equipped to work with charities to do more good.


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