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E135 - Conflict Free Legacy Giving With Andrew Wilkinson

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

"Most charities have a really great story around legacies, whether that’s because they were founded as a result of a legacy, or because they’ve done something, a big project as a result of a legacy, or just because they’ve been left a legacy by someone who has a really interesting history, or a really interesting connection to the charity. The thing that I’ve seen that works, is trying to understand those connections and really talk about legacies in a positive way and the impact they have on the charity and talk about the actual people who leave the money in their will…” - Andrew Wilkinson

In this episode, I speak with Andrew Wilkinson about legacy giving and specifically how charities can help to ensure that conflicts with Wills do not arise.

We speak about the types of challenges to wills that are faced by charities, and get to understand more about the necessity of wills, both from the perspective of the charities the legacy gifts support, and the wishes of those who support them and leave gifts to charities in their wills.

Of course, this episode will speak about death, but more than that it will seek to help us all understand a little more about the lives of our supporters and the world they wish for the future.

This episode is brought to you by our platinum sponsor Charity People.

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