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E268 - The Charity Spark with Beckie Denny

“Charities exist bluntly to do more good every day.” - Beckie Denny

We sat down with Beckie Denny, Founder and Director of The Charity Spark to talk about how they are on a mission to help the charity sector do more even more good. We talk about how showing legitimate impact is so important across the sector, discuss the similarities and differences faced by different size charities and try to tackle some of the biggest social and economic challenges facing us all right now.

1. Impact-led

The majority of us are in the sector to have a real-world impact but sometimes, the day-to-day admin of a job can make us forget this. Working to ensure that you are showing your supporters all the amazing stuff you’ve achieved as an organisation ensures that we’re all keeping the ‘why’ or working in the sector at the front of our minds.

2. Cost of living continues to be a hot topic

As the cost of living crisis continues to impact not only charity beneficiaries but all of us working in the sector as well, it feels that charity salaries are going to continue to be a hot topic. It will be interesting to see if any collective change will shift perceptions.

3. Check out the Charity Spark

Beckie’s time in the sector, across various organisations has put her in a great position to be a friendly sounding-board so make sure you check out Charity Spark and I definitely recommend taking a read of their blog!

We've changed our Charity Chat scheduling from here on, moving to a monthly episode, and bringing on some wider discussions about a number of topics relating to the sector. We will help to untangle some of the challenges that many of us face in our daily work, and provide guidance on how we can improve our approach, our efficiency and our effectiveness. Stay tuned for our next episode soon

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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