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E198 - Championing Environmental Sustainability with Ellen Cunningham

“In general, there are three pillars to any good environmental strategy in any sector, those are related to measuring emissions associated with energy use and fuel use, implementing a sustainable solutions and encouraging behaviour change amongst staff.”

- Ellen Cunningham

In this episode we speak with Ellen Cunningham, Environmental Sustainability Coordinatior at Concern Worldwide. We speak about her role in assessing the charities environmental impact and how organisations and individuals can reduce their impact too.

Why Measuring Environmental Impact is Key for INGOs

The world's poorest countries are already living with the effects of climate change. Floods, droughts and failed harvests are becoming all too common - making it even more difficult for people to break out of extreme poverty. Therefore, for INGOs who aim to support people living through the effects of climate change, it is also important to ensure they aren't adding to the problem.

Ellen talks us through her role at Concern, a relatively new role, which looks to assess and improve their environmental impact the charity is having, not only in their programmatic work on the ground but in their Head Office too.

Embedding Environmental Sustainability in your organisation

We can all make a better effort to reduce our environmental impact, both as organisations and as individuals. Ellen talks through some of the ways you can create the biggest impact and how creating a group within your organisation who will champion more sustainable and less harming activities can help push the initiative. However, being encouraging and not judgemental is key to getting people on board.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode

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