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E274 - Storytelling with Laura Croudace

there are lots of ways to connect with audiences, and storytelling, in my opinion, is the easiest way to do that…” Laura Croudace

In this episode we speak with Laura Croudace about storytelling. We speak about why good storytelling is so crucial for all charities and what those with limited resource can do to tell their stories to raise their profile and speak to people in a deep and meaningful way.

1. Keep things simple


Keeping stories simple, truthful, and personal are key components of a good story. Laura talked about seeking out the hero, and that charities all have heroes who can be at the centre of a story. We also talked about coming from an audience centred approach and sharing stories that might particularly resonate with them, potentially exploring stories from people like them, and conveying behind the scenes stories of the work that is happening as a result of their support.


2. Resonate with your audience


Talking about common themes and finding commonality between your storyteller or the hero in your story and the likely experience of your audience is another tactic in good storytelling. Reminding the listener about their life and identity in the context of your story will help it to resonate.


3. Be curious


The path to find a good story is asking questions and being curious. Talk to those around you – working, volunteering, using your charity’s services.


Your charity is solving problems every day. Find the people suffering the problem and solving the problem, and you are likely to have found a story worth telling. The chances are that if their story moves you it will move others too.

4. Find out more:


We hope you enjoy this episode.

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