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E226 - Media Training Tips With Rob Stewart

“The same rules apply to media training for your own videos as they would do say if someone was going to be on Newsnight tonight… practice makes perfect, you’ve got to get those key messages nailed, and also, and this is the crucial thing… charities have got to think what is the purpose of the media interview… ” – Rob Stewart

In this episode we speak with Rob Stewart, media relations specialist at Ambitious PR. We speak about Rob’s background as a journalist and his tips and advice for how charities can make the most of opportunities to raise awareness of their work when speaking with the media.

The press is likely to be on your side but less knowledgeable than you

The role of the journalist is to understand a subject and their questions may come from only knowing a small amount on the subject. With charities often at the forefront of their area of benefit and with an expertise in the topic they are speaking about, it’s good to remember that when the key message doesn’t chime with the question asked it is more important to deliver the message than it is to answer the question.

The future of media training

We’ve spoken before on the podcast about what charities can do to get their message out to press and other media in the best way. When it comes to making the most of opportunities across traditional and new news platforms, one thing that seems consistent across both is to have a key messages that flow from an organisationally understood mission and vision. While more platforms exist today to speak from, the attention span is perhaps shorter than it ever was so concise, compelling and clear are the key ingredients.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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