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E93: Tips for Video with Hannah Kaplan

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

We speak with Hannah Kaplan about what makes a good video and the tips and tricks that charities can use no matter what their budget to tell their stories. The future is going to be difficult for everyone, especially smaller charities who may be needed more than ever. They still have to find ways of reaching out to a bigger audience with next-to-no budget in order to find support for their vital work.

We talk about how stories are key in supporting a charity’s beneficiaries, and this is a theme that you will recognise if you have listened to other podcasts, notably episodes E79 – The Donor Experience, E66 – Visual Storytelling, E51 - Cases for Support, and E21 - Storytelling. We've linked these below.

Hannah Kaplan is a content manager, filmmaker and photographer specialising in the production of advocacy films and communications materials for the non-profit sector. With experience working in the fields of sustainable development, conservation and animal welfare, she has worked closely with a number of international non-profits to produce engaging content for fundraising and advocacy purposes. Currently, she serves as Content Manager for SPANA where she commissions and produces documentaries on the subject of working animals in support of livelihoods and community development. She has produced films in countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, India, Madagascar, and Ethiopia.


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