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E250 - Overcoming the odds with Marko Kasic

"Our focus, ever since we started, has been on creating infrastructure, integrated sports and learning facilities, which could then be developed into enterprise training, creating social businesses, which would provide revenue for the organisation as well as employment for some of our communities… We’re firm believers that to create long-term sustainable impact, you really have to change the landscape of the community…” – Marko Kasic

In this episode we speak with Marko Kasic, Founder of FundLife. We speak about why and how he setup the NGO, the impact of the Covid pandemic on his work and how they have adapted and thrived. We also find out about FundLife’s strategic approach to making long-term and sustainable impact.

1. The values of our sector

Marko talked about his background and reasons for getting into the charity sector. For many of us working and volunteering in the sector, it is our values that have led us here. The challenges of finding organisations that share our values and living by them are also the answers to the continuous questions of ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what am I here to do?’.

2. Adapting in the face of adversity

Like a lot of organisations, FundLife had to adapt to the post-Covid world. Though the pandemic has largely been consigned to history, many of us are still responding to the new normal that it created. While the cost of living crisis, Brexit and the pandemic are forces to be endured, one thing that we can all take as a learning is that ways of doing this can change and sometimes these changes can be for the better. Our shared ability to adapt is not only a means to surviving but also to thriving.

3. Changing the landscape of communities

As we’ve spoken about on the podcast before, please see below for suggested episodes that cover this, understanding and working with and not for communities is a useful and diligent way of ensuring your organisation and personal impact. Marko spoke about this in the context of what FundLife is setting out to do and their strategic approach, and you can find out more about their work on the website.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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