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E247 - The Ukraine Appeal with Viktoriya Shtanko

In this episode we speak with Viktoriya Shtanko, founder of We speak about her journey from setting up the charity to evolving it to meet the fast changing needs of those she is seeking to help.

1. Setting up a charity

We heard from Viktoriya that setting up a charity requires self-education, knowledge, patience, and self-motivation and that it’s no easy task. This is consistent from others that we have interviewed on the topic and stresses the need for a passion not just to deliver for beneficiaries but also the wisdom to bring on board the resources needed to adapt and grow the charity to meet the needs of said beneficiaries.

2. Evolving your charity to meet changing needs is moving from supporting people with aid to introducing them to the resources available in the UK, specifically Milton Keynes, to assist them to find jobs, make connections, and build support networks. This evolution of mission is a lesson in recognising the changing needs of your organisation’s beneficiaries and how your work can and should evolve to meet their needs.

Find out more about The Ukraine Appeal:

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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