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E260 - How LGBT+ People Really Feel About Giving To Charities With Joe Nicholson

"With greater visibility comes greater generosity.” – Joe Nicholson and Amy Nield

In this episode we speak with Joe Nicholson (he/him), Head of Copy at Consider Creative, about the recent report he co-authored entitled ‘Illusion or disillusion – how do LGBT+ people in the UK really feel about giving to charities?’. The research carried out by Consider reveals there’s a lot more that charities could, and should, be doing to represent and engage with the diverse LGBT+ community. Handily it also provides a huge amount of insight and practical guidance on how to go about doing that in a genuine and meaningful way, that will inspire LGBT+ people to give.

1. Genuine representation – not tokenism

Joe talks about better representation as the first step towards engagement. LGBT+ people want proper inclusion: starting with diverse, authentic representation across marketing and fundraising. This should be all year round, not just wheeled out during Pride month.

2. Sticking to your guns

Research participants all expected charities to commit to inclusive representation at every level of their organisation and service provision. They also expected them to stand by LGBT+ people and the charity’s efforts to boost inclusion, and fearlessly defend their decisions even in the face of backlash. Joe’s conversations indicated that it’s better to do nothing, than to later back down under pressure.

3. So much opportunity

Joe highlights numerous opportunities to engage with different demographics within the LGBT+ community and to win them as loyal and generous supporters. No-one interviewed as part of the research could name a non-LGBT+ charity that was representing them well, but what they shared with Joe and Amy gives charities the tools they need to seize opportunities to change that.

Download a copy of the report by visiting, where you can also find a recording of the recent webinar hosted by Bequeathed and featuring a discussion on the report with Joe, his co-author Amy Nield and experts from the fundraising sector.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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