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E218 - Wellbeing And Co-Creation With James Atkins

“We are all hardwired to connect in some way, shape, or form. Now whether you’re an introvert or extrovert that depends on what it is …so I know that for some people the digital engagement was really useful because it meant they didn’t have to travel… and they could actually have that moment to engage and then switch off.” - James Atkins

In this episode we speak with friend of the show, James Atkins about wellbeing and co-creation. While these two subjects may sound different they are connected by James’ experience of working to build effective efforts to deliver projects and campaigns.

1. Wellbeing at times of stress

James talked about finding hypnotherapy and the help this was for his own wellbeing. Focusing on good memories to stay mindful and finding calm, especially during hectic periods.

James talked about putting limits on social media channels, to help manage exposure to regular browsing. Engaging with the world rather than witnessing it seems to be a part of the solution to good mental health and wellbeing.

2. Tips for engaging with people virtually

James talked about working virtually and the challenges that poses. He made the point that any interactive virtual sessions should be short, sharp, and energised. He talked about keeping people’s attention by practicing certain louder behaviours to engage and keeping it interactive. The benefits of virtual events for bringing people together from across a wider geographical area and giving both introverts and extroverts an opportunity to engage with each other in a meaningful way. That being said, it’s clear that like all tools, virtual meetings are only as good as the discipline and thoughtfulness of those who use them.

3. How to co-create and when you should

James talked about this in the context of the practice of delivering public services where the public is involved. He identified that power dynamics exist and need to be recognised, using the example of a CEO coming in a pushing an idea. Unconscious bias needs to be thought about when embarking on any co-creation projects.

The benefits of increasing engagement in the work that is being done and diversity of thought and the possible benefits that this brings are both present in co-creation. And funders are increasingly looking for this approach as part of their criteria.

This episode of Charity Chat has been brought to you by our platinum sponsor Work for Good. Work for Good believes everyone should be able to turn the work they do into good. Through their fundraising platform, they offer charities a way to engage and work with small businesses, including founders, owners and sole traders who want to make an impact for charities through their sales. To find out more, please visit

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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