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E264 - Churches And The Charity Sector With Helen Gray

“…there are so many examples where churches are working in partnership with local charities, for the benefit of their communities..." - Helen Gray

In this episode we speak with Helen Gray, Trust Director at Benefact Trust about the role that churches play in the charity sector. We talk about the part they play in developing a sense of community and what charities can do to both support and benefit from working with them to further their work.

1. Churches at the heart of community

Whether you follow a particular religion or not, churches in the UK have a physical presence in all of our communities. The space as well as the existing community that may come with it might offer your charity an opportunity to deepen your relationship with those around you, be that beneficiaries or possibly funders too.

2. Charities and churches working together

Churches and other charitable organisations can work together to deliver for people in dire need of support, whether that’s food banks, those seeking to avoid isolation, and helping with those in their community’s mental health and wellbeing.

The power of reaching out and working with local communities is crucial to delivering for many charity’s objectives. In the same way that charities should be looking for donors and funders with shared values and interests as their own, this should be a consideration when looking for project partners too. Charities should consider what type of church is most suitable to be approached depending on their need and how aligned their objectives are. Calling and speaking to your local church is a good place to start.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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