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E84: Relationship Building in response to COVID-19 with Nick Burne and Giles Pegram

Welcoming back returning friends of the show, Nick Burne from GivePanel and Giles Pegram, CBE.

Nick’s enthusiasm for doing virtual events and engaging your supporters through Facebook is inspiring. Giles is, of course, a legendary fundraiser with incredible expertise and experience, having among his qualifications 30 years as Appeals Director at the NSPCC where the ground-breaking Full Stop appeal raised over £250 million pounds.

Nick and Giles’ optimism gave us pause – we find ourselves in such a difficult time at the moment and certainly a lot of charities are struggling. Giles recognised that whatever advice charities take, some will go under and the staff and people who need them are likely to suffer.

But for those that are able to continue over the coming weeks and months this might be the best time to engage your supporters in this time of mutual challenge.

Giles spoke about the philanthropic muscle – and how this is a time to build that muscle so that in the future, compassion, philanthropy, can be called upon again to help make the world better, which I think is something we all want.

Your call to action might be successful for you and for your beneficiaries, but the most vital call to action will give your supporter a wonderful experience – of solidarity, camaraderie, something to do while they sit at home, and a feeling of be useful, perhaps even being vital. These are strong forces for good, and I hope that you can employ them in the great work that you and the charities you support, do to make life better for someone else.

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