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E85: Video Messaging with Matt Barnett

In this episode, we speak to Matt Barnett, Papa Bear at Bonjoro, about video messaging and how charities can use this to speak directly to their supporters. The idea of having a short sharp video message certainly excites me more than the idea of another email message so take a listen to how charities can use video messaging to be effective and impactful.

Originally an industrial designer and artist, Matt turned everything upside down to launch a tech company in Sydney, Australia. After a couple of false-starts, Bonjoro was born from a sales hack for his first business, where Matt would send every new lead a personal video to delight and surprise them. When customers started asking how they could do the same thing, Matt and the team decided to go all-in on the idea, and 3 years later Bonjoro has snowballed into a startup success story.

2. Five Ways Charities Can Use Video To Promote Their Cause:


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