Charity Chat is dedicated to giving a voice to the charity sector and developing the skills and knowledge of those who support it.

Charity Chat is a not-for-profit forum for learning, commentary, and contribution to a more robust, transparent and effective UK charity sector. 


Who we are

Charity Chat offers learning tools to charity workers, commentary by leading lights in the charity sector, and allows contribution by all, through our social media feeds and our podcast.


The team behind Charity Chat

Our contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds
and bring with them a variety of experience and expertise.

Samuel Davies
Vicky Luk
Usman Mughal
Giles Pegram CBE
Howard Lake
Kathy Roddy
Adeem Younis
Ken Burnett
Dawn Ballard
Kevin Schulman
Janet Thorne
Amy Sweeting
Mark Hughes
Holly Christie
Ed Jackson
Jo Taylor
Cecile Gillard
Alan Haynes
Kate Newman
James Lindsay
Sam Harbour
Rachael Townley
Asher Simpson
Rob Legge
Michael Clark
James Atkins
Tori Ellaway
Scott Cunliffe
Natasha Stone
Ilana Jackman
Ilana Jackman
Gareth Jones
Hassan Abu-Bakir
Jason Rigby
Paul Crockett
Regine Skarubowiz
Geetha Rabindrakumar
Kate Arkell
Deborah Laing
Greg Warner
Lucy Squance
Daisy Powell
Nick Burne
Tom Montague
Rachael Conroy
German Bencci

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Join us a contributor and help us to discuss, comment and inform those who work and volunteer for charities, the beneficiaries they serve and those who support them.

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