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We are a voluntary organisation.

Our sponsors are vital to support our volunteers and contributors and ensure quality in recording, production and editing.

Thank you for supporting us.

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Work for Good

Platinum Sponsor

We are delighted to welcome Work for Good as Platinum Sponsor of Charity Chat. Work for Good believe everyone should be able to turn the work they do into good. Through their fundraising platform, they offer charities a way to engage and work with small businesses, including founders, owners and sole traders who want to make an impact for charities through their sales.


With their supporter-friendly digital Commercial Participation solution, they're able to help charities steward their sales fundraisers more efficiently and effectively and help them raise vital sustainable income.


Giant Squid Audio Lab

Sponsors of our podcast kit


Giant Squid Audio Lab specialises in their own make and model of small, durable microphones designed for portable audio recorders. Excellent for Podcasting and Videography, microphones can also be used with rack or console recorders for studio and home use.


Magda Aksamit

Supporting website design


Magda is a Senior Graphics and Web Designer. To see her work and to get in touch, visit


forest of fools

Providing our soundtrack


forest of fools fuse traditional instruments with high tempo beats. Where no single tune is exactly as it seems, this is Acoustic Dance Music but not as we know it!


R.R.Yarde Photography

Supporting pro bono website images


Thanks for R.R.Yarde Photography for providing websie images.

We are grateful to each of our sponsors and supporters.
If you would like to get involved or interested in supporting Charity Chat Podcast
and its wonderful contributors, please get in touch.
Thank you.
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