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E:72 Facebook Fundraising with Nick Burne

Facebook is a well known social media platform, but using it - and how charities could be using it - is not often quite as familiar. Nick Burne from Give Panel discusses the pros of Facebook fundraising and how to get in on the action.

3. What you need to know about fundraising on Facebook

Nick is Managing Partner at Nick Burne Consulting where he is Lead Digital Strategist for the International Rescue Committee and UNICEF’s International digital fundraising. In 2019 he launched GivePanel – a new online platform that helps non-profits of all sizes engage their Facebook fundraisers, capture contact details and manage the data. He also founded RAISETHRU – a 12-week Facebook Ads Accelerator Programme for charities that has helped clients like Greenpeace, CIWF and PCUK build scalable digital acquisition programmes.


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