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E113: Digital Risk with Zoe Amar

"The cornerstone of anything you do with digital should begin with the people you support, even doing 5 really simple interviews, those key people that you need to speak to will give you insights will tell you how they're using digital... You need to look at the data... and comparing yourself to competitors, organisations and even movements... You're going to have to prioritise and use your organisational strategy as a bit of a steer.. and you will need a north star with this. What is your vision and charitable purpose?"

Digital expert, Zoe Amar, is the founder of digital agency and social enterprise Zoe Amar Digital, Chair of The Charity Digital Code of Practice, writes for Third Sector about charities and digital issues and co-founded the Social CEOs awards.

What is the definition of digital? It's not simply social media. How can charities best embrace digital while measuring risk and learning fast about what works and doesn't work for their audience?


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