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E121 - Non - Hierarchical Leadership With Helen Moulinos

This isn't a top down hierarchy that's saying you must do this, it's people coming to me and saying can I have permission to do this, can I have budget to do this, and can I have your support to do this.

In this episode, we speak with Helen Moulinos, Chief Executive of PohWER – a charity providing free advocacy, information and advice for hundreds of thousands of people in the UK.

Helen joined POhWER as their chief executive earlier this year and has brought in a non-hierarchical leadership model.

We speak about Helen’s motivations, how non-hierarchical leadership works, how she has gone about changing the culture of POhWER in this short time, and the impact this can have on an organisation.

What does POhWER do:

Hierarchical vs non-hierarchical organisation models:


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