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E122 - Time for Legacy Giving With Jon Brewer

Part of the opportunity here for charities is not only about the legacy but it's establishing relationships with future legators..., and some of those... building them into better life-time givers as well.

In this episode I speak with Jon Brewer, Founder of Bequeathed, about legacy giving, the future of legacies, and how charities might be able to benefit from a huge transfer of wealth over the next two decades.

This episode was recorded early last year, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have held off due to other pressing episodes and in respect of the traumatic impact of Covid which has led to so many premature deaths.

But as many of us now commence our strategic planning for the year ahead, it is important that we continue to think about long-term giving, and the future of our causes, which may well be more vital than ever.

Legacy gifts account for a large proportion of fundraising for some charities and a much smaller one for others, but there are things that all fundraisers can do to encourage their supporters to choose to leave charitable gifts in their wills.

And what became clear to me from my conversation with Jon was that, like all fundraising, legacy giving, done well, and contrary to usual negative feelings we have around speaking about death, can offer peace of mind to those making a will.

Stats and figures to support legacy conversations from Legacy Foresight:


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