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E127 - It's A Battle On The Board With Debra Allcock Tyler

“Trustees often feel powerless because they’re not running the organisation, they’re leading it, remotely. So they’re asking questions and testing, but they’re not there everyday making sure stuff happens. And the Chief Exec and Executive staff often feel powerless because they think all the power and the decision making lies with the trustees. If we both come at it understanding that we both feel powerless it makes for a much much much better and constructive relationship…” - Debra Allcock Tyler

In this episode we speak to, friend of the show, Debra Allcock Tyler about her new book: ‘It’s a Battle on the Board’.

We find out more about the types of conflict between the trustees that make up a Board, and challenges faced in the relationships between trustees and CEOs and their executive teams.

Best practice for the governance of charities seems more vital than ever. If you’re sailing into stormy seas you need a captain and crew that not only know what they’re doing but also have the fortitude and courage that comes from trusting each other and working together. These are certainly stormy seas we find ourselves in.

We really love speaking with Debra, whose passion for the charity sector and the work we do is punctuated with good humour and a clear no-nonsense rhetoric that is both refreshing and encouraging.

This is episode is sponsored by Charity Chat's platinum sponsor Charity People.

It's a Battle on the Board by Debra Allcock Tyler:


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