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E128 - Time To Support The Charity Sector #RightNow With Kristiana Wrixon

“I think charities offer us a feeling of meaning and purpose, there’s also the harder edge of charities around campaigning for change and saying that the status quo isn’t good enough… and then there’s another part of the charity sector which is around the role of us as citizens and how we connect with each other outside of the State and outside of the public sector… all of that exists within the charity sector…” - Kristiana Wrixon

In this episode we speak with Kristiana Wrixon about the #RightNow campaign.

Kristiana is the Head of Policy at the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), the membership body for the leaders of third sector organisations in England and Wales.

We talk about how the charity sector has had some support from government already but needs more, and why. We discuss the pandemic and the impact it has already had on both our society and charities.

We recorded a few days ago, in early-February 2021, at a time where vaccines have been developed but we are all living in a lockdown. Many people are losing their jobs, and the UK infection rate is still very high. We don’t know where we are in the pandemic at the moment, it could be the middle, hopefully it’s the end.

One thing is certain, the charity sector is struggling to deliver for the increasing numbers of people and causes that need their support. The #RightNow campaign has come at a crucial time.

This is episode is sponsored by Charity Chat's platinum sponsor Charity People.

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