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E131 - Being The CEO Of Muslim Aid With Kashif Shabir

“There is a focus on creating good products, quality products and services… so that I can go to the supporters and say, “you know what? If you want to sponsor a child, if you want to sponsor a community, if you want to build a well, then the best place to do it is Muslim Aid..." Creating those best in class products, that are informed by our faith and informed by best practice, and this is the secret sauce of it, … then give it away to everybody else… You give it away and it raises the standard of the whole sector and everyone benefits.” - Kashif Shabir

In this episode we speak to Kashif Shabir about the work of Muslim Aid and what it has been like for him as CEO through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We speak with Kashif about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and how learnings from the commercial sector can help to improve the strategic planning and delivery of charity's work.

This is episode is sponsored by Charity Chat's platinum sponsor Charity People.


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