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E132 - When the cause is personal with Caroline Coates & Teri Kearsey

“There's some brilliant support in terms of the emotional practical support, and we really don't want to reinvent the wheel with that. Our issue and where we... fit in with the wider picture is where we want to... collaborate to look at research. So that longer term, our biggest aim that one day shunts and invasive brain surgery will not be the only option.” - Caroline Coates

In this episode I speak with Caroline Coates and Teri Kearsey about their work with the charity, Harry’s Hat.

We talk about why the charity was setup, the challenges and benefits of being founder led, and the checks and balances that the Board provide to ensure that the charity grows and runs effectively.

Both Caroline and Teri have heaps of charity experience and expertise, and I was delighted to catch them in their busy lives for a quick Charity Chat. Both were very open about their backgrounds, and Caroline was generously candid about her experiences, which we really appreciate.

This episode is brought to you by our platinum sponsor Charity People.

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