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E149 - Supporting Humanity with Idris Patel

Don’t worry what the world can do for you, worry what you can do for the world.” - Idris Patel

In this episode, we speak with Idris Patel, CEO and Founder of Supporting Humanity, a charity which aims to support and uplift all members of society, specifically in relation to mental health and bereavement. We discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified long-standing challenges and how the organisation has pivoted to adapt. Idris also shares how Supporting Humanity has integrated itself into the local BAME communities, and the importance of lived experience for charity services.

1. Why Supporting Humanity Exists

Idris shares that he set up Supporting Humanity 18 months ago to remove the stigma of mental health, which is a passion of his. He believes that people within the BAME community find it more challenging to acknowledge that they are experiencing mental ill health, so the work at Supporting Humanity aims to help BAME communities to seek professional support. Supporting Humanity have recently opened their helpline, operating 8am - 8pm, with 40 trained volunteers answering the calls.

Supporting Humanity also reaches out to BAME communities with bereavement and end of life work. The charity builds trust with families during the first stages of severe illness.

2. How Covid has impacted Supporting Humanity’s work

During the pandemic families haven’t been able to go to hospitals, meaning they can’t grieve and talk with others. As a solution, Supporting Humanity provides a telephone helpline.

Thanks to the 150 local community volunteers, Supporting Humanity has been able to support with preparing and collecting the deceased. Other members of the community raised £94,000 for Supporting Humanity, over two weeks at the start of the pandemic.

Idris has found that it has been easier to bring people together to address Supporting Humanity's work over the pandemic. Supporting Humanity’s well established community outreach has also allowed them to contribute to NHS meetings.

3. The importance of lived experience and working with BAME communities

For Idris and the team at Supporting Humanity, women empowerment, especially those from BAME communities is very important. This is demonstrated by the organisation’s focus on recruiting women to join the charity, highlighting the work women do and empowering them to lead teams.

You can find out more about Supporting Humanity’s services here.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

This episode is brought to you by our platinum sponsor Charity People.

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