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E217 - Apprenticeships For Charities With Laura Thurlow BEM

“…it does open up a new pool of candidates, and hopefully will go some way, obviously within a wider strategy of equality, diversity and inclusion, of helping charities that want to pursue that…” - Laura Thurlow BEM

In this episode we speak with Laura Thurlow BEM, Business Development Manager at JGA about apprenticeships. We speak about what apprenticeships are, how they work, and how they could be a useful tool for charities as they seek to deliver for their beneficiaries in this increasingly complex world.

1. What is an apprenticeship?

Laura talked about these being designed to give the individual the knowledge skills and behaviours that they need in a specific job role, but that it can also be used to upskill existing staff too.

2. Apprenticeships helping to train staff and recruit new candidates to the sector?

While organisations do need to find the funds to pay the apprentices, the training is predominantly funded by the government.

This could be a good way of helping to diversify an organisation, while helping them to train up professionals across different disciplines to help move their organisation on.

3. Requirements for charities when it comes to apprenticeships

Apprentices need to be employed for the duration of the training programme and must be paid by the employer, i.e. the charity. And it’s really important that the employee is working in a role that is aligned to the apprenticeship that they are embarking on.

4. Why apprenticeships should be considered now?

In these particularly difficult times, the opportunity of developing a charity’s resource needs with heavily subsidised government training, while also potentially diversifying the organisation, apprenticeships sound like an option worth exploring.

5. Find out more about apprenticeships

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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