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E234 - The Cost of Giving report with Shaf Mansour

“…you want anyone in a charity to be able to log in and publish a webpage, a donation form, or something like that… it shouldn’t [need] specialist knowledge…” – Shaf Mansour

In this episode we speak with friend of the show and digital expert Shaf Mansour about how digital has been evolving over the past few months and what solutions it might hold for charities. We speak about what charities need to think about when looking at take up of digital solutions and what we can learn from The Cost of Giving report -

1. Digital transforming

There are security and data protection issues with hybrid ways of working and charities need to be ever mindful of these issues.

The use of data to understand your supporter giving is crucial. Charities also need to make sure that any supporter facing technology is intuitive to ensure better engagement and as part of the charity’s user journey and as part of good stewardship.

Shaf also talked about the expectations that we should have as charities to be able to use systems without specialist knowledge and that everyone in a charity should have the knowledge, training and systems in place to be able to publish content on websites and other platforms for their audience.

2. Seizing opportunities

Claiming gift aid claims to ensure you are getting what your charity deserves and ensuring that your donors know to gift aid their donations.

Charities should find ways and systems of easily managing gift aid donations, and Shaf spoke about donor’s willingness to contribute further donations when asked as part of this process. This might be a way for charities to ask donors to help cover the cost of overheads as well as specific projects.

Shaf also talked about the benefits of matched giving and how charities, whether they use existing initiatives like the Big Give or their own event, can see a big increase in giving.

3. Adapting how we work

Many of us have adapted how we work and charities are running very differently to how they did before the pandemic. There is still catching up to do to ensure risks are mitigated and that systems are adapting to meet this new normal. At this time of strain and stress on the sector and those who work within it, now is the time to ensure that our digital processes are optimised to support our internal teams, those we are seeking to support, and those who we are seeking support from.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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