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E244 - Storytelling and animation with Gavin Strange

"…Unfortunately, we’re quite desensitised to real-live action footage of the many horrors the world faces so there’s a fair amount of desensitisation but they (Greenpeace) really found some special sauce in animation...” - Gavin Strange

We were very lucky to have guest host Nadia Mason record an episode for Charity Chat. Nadia sat down with Gavin Strange, Director of the Turtle Journey and works for world-famous studio, Aardman.

1. Social impact driven by animation

The power of animation should not be underestimated and has been overlooked by some charities historically. It’s always worth considering different mediums to not only reach new audiences to your cause, or, has a way to further engage your current supporters.

2. Storytelling and empathy

Storytelling and evoking empathy has always been at the crux of what many charities hope to achieve. Organisations can think about how animation can help them achieve these things and lead to strong call to actions.

3. We can all be creative

Remember, everyone is a human being that lives and exists in the world so we all have the ability to be creative. You don’t have to be an overtly creative industry to showcase your creative.

This episode of Charity Chat has been brought to you by our platinum sponsor Work for Good. Work for Good believes everyone should be able to turn the work they do into good. Through their fundraising platform, they offer charities a way to engage and work with small businesses, including founders, owners and sole traders who want to make an impact for charities through their sales. To find out more, please visit

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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