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E43: Mentoring with Mark Hughes

"My passion for mentoring stems from two very different ‘past lives’. Prior to founding mch, I was Chief Executive of an Aboriginal sporting and community development organisation. I began my tenure with the organisation on the brink of insolvency and had only a rudimentary understanding of Indigenous culture. Fortunately, the Aboriginal Elders saw the value of mentoring. Through mentoring, my working life became much easier, effective and enjoyable. This in turn made life outside of work more pleasant too."

In this episode Mark Hughes talks to Charity Chat Producer, Usman Mughal, about why mentoring is mentors, mentees, and the charities and organisations they work for.

1. More about Mark Hughes

2. Does Mentoring Matter? A Multidisciplinary Meta-Analysis Comparing Mentored and Non-Mentored Individuals

3. "Everybody needs a coach"


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