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E47: Leadership with Adeem Younis

Adeem Younis is Founder and Chairman of Penny Appeal (set up in 2009) which is an awarding winning humanitarian organisation working in the UK and in over 30 countries to support the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the world.

The growth of Penny Appeal is one of the fastest growing charities in the UK and has established partnerships with The Department for Education, Jo Cox Foundation and Amir Khan Foundation to name a few examples. In the last three years alone, the charity has been registered in the US, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and the UAE.The idea behind Penny Appeal is simple – small change, BIG difference. This approach makes charitable giving affordable for everyone willing to give and allows the organisation to transform lives in ways that cost just a few pennies a day

1. Penny Appeal

2. Penny Appeal feedback video

3. Third Sector Awards 2018: Charity Chair of the Year - Adeem Younis, Penny Appeal


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