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E88: Supporting trustees during COVID-19 with Debra Allcock-Tyler

Debra Allcock-Tyler, CEO of Directory of Social Change, and trustee of both Berkshire Community Foundation and In Kind Direct, speaks to us about the expectations and demands placed on trustees during COVID-19. As we deal with the changes brought about by the pandemic and face up to potentially big decisions, it is vital that communication remains open between those on the front line and those making strategic decisions.

After a brief stint in the private sector Debra has spent most of her career in the charitable sector in leadership roles in campaigning, policy development, sales, product development, media relations and training. She is particularly proud of her 14 years as a voluntary Trade Union Officer and the year she spent working with Youth at Risk. She was the first female Programme Director of the Runge Effective Leadership programme. She is a mentor to a number of CEOS and Chairs of Trustee Boards.


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