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E91: The Changing Remit of Charities with Andrew Purkis OBE

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

"The kinds of subject matter and activities that are charitable have expanded, so for example, the promotion of human rights has become recognised as a charitable purpose and sorts of community development, and the prevention of poverty and the elimination of poverty... One of the issues we have in talking about charities now is that they cover so many different kinds of activities that I think you'll be aware that quite often people talk as if charities operate in the social services."

Some characteristics remain fundamental to charities, but what do we mean by charity? Has the definition changed? And how does this affect the sector moving forward?

Andrew Purkis OBE has a long standing career in the charity sector, working for NCVO, National Director of CPRE, Secretary of Public Affairs to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Chief Executive of The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and part time CEO of the Tropical Health and Education Trust. He has been Chair or Vice Chair of seven UK charities in different subject areas, and a Board Member of the Charity Commission for England and Wales from 2006-2010. Andrew remains a Trustee of the Directory of Social Change, of Safe Passage International and my local Parochial Church Council and am a Governor of a primary school.


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