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E96: Leadership with Carla Miller

How to influence successfully, and deal with common challenges? Have you got impostor syndrome? What does effective leadership look like during COVID-19? Are you a manager or leader? Carla shares examples of leadership best practices, and touches on the Black Lives Matter Movement and how leadership and organisations effectively respond.

Carla Miller has been coaching leaders in the sector for the past 12 years and is the author of “Leading Successful Fundraising Teams”. Her background includes leading fundraising teams at charities including Samaritans, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and School-Home Support before becoming CEO of Tiny Tickers and then Managing Director of Charity People. She loves to help talented, coachable and driven women to achieve their career goals and step into leadership roles within their organisation and her coaching style is described as inspiring, warm and insightful.

What is leadership?

What is leadership and who is a leader?

5 leadership skills found in managers


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