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E168 - Advent Of Change With Kristina Salceanu

“…if you look at the biggest bang for your buck… things like celebrity endorsements, using their networks, are such a great way to do it because you’re reaching millions of people…" - Kristina Salceanu

In this episode we speak with Kristina Salceanu, Founder of Advent of Change.

1. Climate crisis ties in with our consumer habits

There is a lot in Kristina’s story that we can all learn from and be encouraged by. For example, Kristina spoke about wanting to make her products inclusive, ethical and environmentally friendly. We speak so much on the podcast and probably in our own personal and professional lives about wanting to make an impact. Our impact now is more clearly than ever tied to the climate crisis that our entire planet is being impacted by. We are also consumers, all of us, making daily decisions about what we buy, what it’s made from, and the wider context of how it is helping or hindering equality and equity in our society.

2. There is a cause for everyone but not everyone will support your cause

Kristina spoke about inclusivity in the context of selecting the charities Advent of Change support. And it sounds like tough decisions need to be made to give all types of charity a chance to benefit, and go someway in representing the diversity of the sector. The conundrum of which charities to support, may be all too familiar to many of us with our own philanthropy. When we are thinking about how we speak, write or communicate our charity message, let us always consider what it is that moves us to give.

3. Pro bono support thrives in the stretch-zone

Another thing that we found thought-provoking was Kristina’s method of seeking out pro bono support. Many of us working or supporting charities may have seen examples of this ourselves. Passion and enthusiasm, backed up by clear thinking and a good idea, can really galvanise others to spend their time and money in the hope of being part of something great. It sounds like Kristina has experienced this, and having met her we can understand that a big part of this will be the strength of her personality. I think there is something to be said for all of us gaining confidence from self-work, and understanding ourselves as much as understanding those we are seeking support from. Finding causes to champion that sit comfortably with our own values and life priorities is surely a vital component of being successful in our work and in our lives too.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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