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E158 - Entrepreneurialism in the Charity Sector With Bill Woolsey

“…depending on the individual, it could be that they have entrepreneurial giftings or leanings and they just don’t have the permission …[to] get that thing moving, or they don’t and … they need to find those individuals who are more strategic in growth areas than they are” Bill Woolsey

In this episode, we speak with Bill Woolsey, Founder and President of Five Two Network.

Bill is a pastor by training, based over in the US. He is also an entrepreneur, and now spends time speaking with nonprofits about taking entrepreneurialism to their missions.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Bill, and I have no doubt that there is something in this interview for everyone.

1. Entrepreneurs need others

We certainly hear about the challenges of founder syndrome, and have probably experienced the difficulties associated with getting things done, sometimes, especially in larger organisations or when we are relatively junior and have less power to change structures. There are of course good reasons for this too, but perhaps one thing that I will be taking away from my conversation with Bill is the idea that whether we class ourselves as an entrepreneur or a more process driven project person, each of these types needs the other.

One thing that I first loved about our sector when I started my career, and still do fifteen years into it, is the notion of collaboration.

For the charity sector, our resource and budget are so intertwined with volunteering time, and stretching outside of our paid hours, it really does rely on collaboration and good will, more than any other sector.

So whether you’re a charity sector entrepreneur with ideas of how to make effective change, or the type of person to want to drive those ideas with processes, I hope this episode has helped to remind you that your are needed to help make a better world, for the causes you support and indeed, for us all.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

This episode is brought to you by our platinum sponsor Charity People.

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