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E184 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Confidence Coach, Jenna O’Keefe

“I felt like I lost myself, and all my creativity. I lost all the things I loved about myself.”

- Jenna O’Keefe

We are continuing our International Women’s day series with this episode on how to identify and overcome imposter syndrome, which is said to affect women and women of colour disproportionately to men. Confidence Coach Jenna O’Keefe talks us through her work helping women to gain more confidence and gives practical steps you can take today to start addressing imposter syndrome.

1. How to identify imposter syndrome

Essentially, imposter syndrome is the feeling of being a fraud, that you don’t deserve the accolades you’ve been given and that others will work out that you’re not up to the job. Jenna talks to us through her experience with imposter syndrome, and what the commonalities are between the women she works with during her confidence coaching sessions.

Imposter syndrome boils down to self-limiting beliefs and Jenna shows us how we can identify when this is at play, either for ourselves, our colleagues or for those we manage.

2. Start Addressing Imposter Syndrome Today

Jenna talks us through some practical ways to retrain our brains. This is not a quick fix but a journey and by thinking of the brain as a muscle you can start to understand why continually addressing these thoughts and behaviours will start to help you find comfort in fear and stop limiting yourself.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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