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E186 - Women In STEM With Kim Diep And Shauna Devlin

“It’s very important that we get people involved from all aspects of our communities so that we get those voices heard, and representation upfront of how we create and build products rather than at the very end as a user of the product."

- Kim Diep

In this International Women’s Day series episode, we explore why representation in tech matters, opportunities in tech and inspiring role models. We’re joined by Kim Diep, Software Engineer and Tech Coach at Tech Returners, and Shauna Devlin Client Relations Executive and Equity and Diversity Lead at Fat Beehive.

1. Representation in tech

Kim highlighted the importance of diversity in technology, there are so many advantages to including everyone in the development of digital products, not only because we are all users of those very products but it also brings about diversity of thought and different ways of problem-solving.

2. Learning in tech

In this episode, we learn how the skills required in tech go beyond developers to include diverse roles such as businesses analysts and designers. Shauna was really inspiring, highlighting that learning to code is really accessible with so many free courses online and the only barrier really is your goal and willingness to learn. Kim also highlighted how the ability to teach and mentor others is really important too, many people in tech could be career switchers.

3. Opportunities in tech

It was inspiring to hear about Kim and Shauna’s role models and journeys into the tech industry. I hope you also found some inspiration in this podcast, or perhaps you might take a moment to reflect on people who have inspired you - and maybe even pay it forward to others in the third sector whether that’s through mentoring, sharing advice on social media or even being a future guest speaker on this podcast!

This episode of Charity Chat has been brought to you by our platinum sponsor Work for Good. Work for Good believes everyone should be able to turn the work they do into good. Through their fundraising platform, they offer charities a way to engage and work with small businesses, including founders, owners and sole traders who want to make an impact for charities through their sales. To find out more, please visit

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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