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E213 - The Digital Skills Gap with Amy O'Donnell

"I’ve always been interested in the intersection between technology and how that’s changing social justice…” - Amy O'Donnell

In this episode we talk to Amy O’Donnell, Senior Programme Manager, Social Impact at Nominet about the digital skills gap and what this means for both society as a whole and the not-for-profit sector. We discuss what the digital skills gap looks like in the UK, the importance of tech in having a positive social impact and why charities need to be thinking more about their own position within digital spaces.

1. The digital skills shortage

Between January and April 2022, the UK reached a 10-year high of 870,000 vacancies in the tech proving that we have hit a crisis moment and skills shortage. As things stand, the UK doesn’t have the pipeline to fill these roles and the problem will only become more pronounced as 96% of all roles in the UK require some form of digital skills.

2. Social impact through technology

Partnerships are key when it comes to having a social impact through tech. From creating affordable ways for primary school children to get into tech, to encouraging more diversity in those interested in digital and technology. Supporting young people into onwards careers in tech can often be more about confidence than skills and there are lots of partnerships out there which are meeting driving forward these initiatives. One key area to think more about are how the systemic issues of poverty can prevent entry and how the continuing cost of living crisis risks making this even worse.

3. Technology in the not-for-profit sector

Charities need to think about power and who is listened to and how digital cross-cuts into their world. Unfortunately, digital risks becoming a “back-office” service in the not-for-profit sector, especially as it is difficult to secure stand alone grants to fund digital infrastructure. However if charities don’t seriously in tech, could potentially leave people behind and miss opportunities for joint solutions working with private sector.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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