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E230 - Supporting Children And Young People With Jacob Diggle

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

“…for every pound that [it] spends on youth work, the government gets between £3.20 and £6.40 back.” - Jacob Diggle

In this episode we speak with Jacob Diggle, Director of Strategy, Research and Impact at UK Youth. We speak about the recent UK Youth Report about the economic value of investing in youth work, how children and young people are being affected by current societal challenges, and opportunities for charities to improve their work by working more collaboratively with young people.

The return on investment of our work

Understanding and speaking about the return on investment is a good way of showing the impact of our work, both for those we are directly seeking to support, but also for our communities and society at large.

It also helps to remind us that our efforts now may have larger and longer-term ramifications, and could help us to drive funders to recognise the economic as well as social benefits that they could bring to the world by supporting our cause.

All charities have a place in supporting young people

Charities have an ongoing struggle against the status quo. We are the for change sector, and should have eyes on the world we want to help create. In some cases our causes are likely to live longer than we are, and at the very least we need to recognise that handing over the baton of our efforts is inevitable.

Add to this the likelihood that our cause is one way or another linked to making the world better for the generations coming after us and young people are not only our future but also key stakeholders of today.

What are we doing in our work and within our charity structures to show young people that we are a force for good and one which they should support as volunteers, staff and funders both now and in years to come? How are we speaking to them now and showing our relevance in their lives? These are key questions for all charitable organisations.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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