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E249 - Going from good to great with Alex Blake

"…the very small number of companies that actually made that leap from good to great didn’t focus on incentivising. It wasn’t about incentivising people who wouldn’t otherwise be motivated, but on finding those people who were truly motivated by the mission, getting them onboard and then keeping them… that obviously resonates a lot with our sector.” – Alex Blake

In this episode we speak to friend of the show, Alex Blake, Income and Impact Consultant and Host of Charity Impact Podcast. We speak about building a great charity and what this looks like, and how charities can move from good to great.

1. The definition of Great

For the purposes of this discussion, a ‘great’ organisation is one that strives to be the best that it can be. How this is understood and judged is something quite subjective in most cases, but for all organisations there should be metrics for success and a strategy that incorporates these and seeks to grow and improve.

2. What can charities do to make their organisations ‘great’

As Alex said, organisations need to think about how to produce the best long-term results. Finding your formula for greatness will come from identifying what you’re deeply passionate about, what you can be the best in the world at and what drives your resource engine, e.g. your external stakeholder, volunteers, funders, and partners.

Charities need to think about how they are serving their beneficiaries and what they can do better, but staff wellbeing, and collaboration with others are also steps to take if you want to achieve greatness.

3. Links

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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