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E253 - The Household Support Fund with Paul Wickers

We should teach kids how to solve problems rather than just teaching them the right answers.” – Paul Wickers

We spoke with Paul Wickers, CEO at Huggg, to talk about their innovative tech-platform which is enabling targeted assistance to be provided those who need it most. As the economic fallout of the last few years continues, Paul and his team are working with agencies and organisations who are best placed to provide support to those across the UK who need it most.

1. The importance of dignity

2. Improvements through technology

3. Never stop solving problems

The way Paul and his team work clearly shows that there is a continuing need for all of us to think more about how we can think about problem-solving in our own jobs but also empower our teams to be able to do the same.

Work for Good is a fundraising platform helping businesses raise funds for charities through their sales. The platform makes the legal agreement needed for businesses to fundraise from sales quick and simple. Saving charities time and resource, and enabling them to raise more unrestricted income.

Pop to to learn more and book a free demo.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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