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E257 - The Four - Day Working Week With Bernadette Murphy

“…check in with your measures and benchmarking. Know where you are to start. You want to see at least an increase of 25% in productivity and efficiency, and wellbeing…” – Bernadette Murphy

In this episode we speak with Bernadette Murphy, Fundraising Manager at Blind Low Vision NZ. We speak about her experience of moving to a four-day working week, what other charities should think about before trialling it, and the pros and cons of doing so.

1. The benefits of a four-day working week

The five day working week is a norm that most of us would have never questioned, but the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic and subsequent cost of living crisis and evolution of technology have opened up the conversation about working hours. Wellbeing, staff retention, and being more efficient and productive with our time are three very good reasons for organisations to consider reducing the working week.

For organisations looking to keep staff with children, the opportunity for parents to fit in their working hours within a school day is likely to demonstrate value for both worker and employers alike.

2. Metrics and benchmarking to measure efficiency of work time

In order to measure efficiency at work the organisation needs clear metrics and benchmarking in place. Employees meeting of agreed SMART objectives, and comparisons between staff surveys are two metrics to consider, but it’s also worth looking at staff retention figures over a long period of time. An open, honest and transparent culture at an organisation, which has a clear governance code, wellbeing practices and good leadership are most likely to thrive in any progressive change.

3. Ask your colleagues

Much like the challenges and benefits of hybrid or home working, organisations can start by better understanding their staff’s needs. Not everyone wants to work from home, and there might be some who don’t want to work less hours. Encouraging space and thought in organisations among all staff members is a good starting point to developing a more efficient, supportive and thriving work environment.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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