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E175 - A career in Philanthropy with Sybil Ackerman-Munson

“a campaigner and launcher more interested in moving the needle than in your nonprofit, and as soon as nonprofit's recognise this and don't get grumpy with the campaigner or launcher donor but instead work with them, I think they're going to find a very fruitful relationship …" - Sybil Ackerman-Munson

In this episode I speak with Sybil Ackerman-Munson about the work she has done to raise many millions of dollars for good causes with philanthropists.

1. Being philanthropy ready is vital

Speaking with Sybil, it struck us how philanthropy, no matter the amount really follows the same rules as all fundraising, and that by giving the donor a clear vision of the impact they will have is vital in engaging their support.

As Sybil said, funders will have different motivations to giving, and it sounds like a good strategy to have some a pitch ready for those that are looking for something shiny and new as much as for those seeking to support your ongoing work.

Sybil made the point that being authentic and making sure not to chase the funds as it will become clear at some point that this is the case, and you risk putting a future funder of your work off because of mission creep and risk of seeming like a creep.

2. The role of an organisational strategy tied in with a fundraising strategy is crucial

A bespoke approach to funders is important and there may lie the challenge for charities, especially smaller charities with less resource. But working with other charities in approaching a funder maybe one solution, and all fundraisers should be regularly considering the best approach to being as efficient at raising funds as possible. A clear organisational, and fundraising strategy is crucial.

3. Find out more about Sybil Ackerman-Munson's work

You can find out more about Sybil's work, including her podcast by visiting her website:

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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