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E157 - Charities And Mayors With Sabrina Francis

“There are so many things in the world that you can’t control. If you find something that you can have a small impact in… I don’t really know how to not take that opportunity…” Sabrina Francis, Mayor of Camden

In this episode we interview Sabrina Francis, Councillor and Mayor of Camden.

For those that don’t know, Camden is a London borough, North of the Thames, and well worth a visit. It’s about 8.5 square miles and has an estimated population of 270,000, according to Wikipedia.

We speak to Sabrina about her experience of working with charities before being Mayor and how her new role will help to deliver for charities. We learn how charities can work with their local Mayor to increase awareness and fundraising for their cause.

1. How to build a relationship with your local Mayor?

For charities seeking support from their local Mayor, understanding when to approach, as well as whether your a cause is right for them, is much like any other relationship building thought process.

We have spoken time and again with experts in many different disciplines and from different fields, and we keep on coming back to the same universal learning, which is – know your target audience, and engage with them on their terms as the best chance of getting them on board with your cause.

In the Mayor of Camden’s case, this means approaching the Deputy Mayor or building relationships with councillors. Make sure that your cause fits with the local borough that you are seeking to build a relationship with too.

2. Why engage with your community?

I for one, hold onto the idea that among the challenges that we face in society at the moment, one thing that we can all do is to find ways of engaging with our local communities. Many of us are already working to support one community or another in our charity work, but there is a soothing personal outcome of working with your neighbours and local community to make things better.

Perhaps getting involved within your local council would be something that would bring you and your community additional value.

One of the great things about working, and volunteering within the charity sector is that sense of doing something for someone else. And dedicating time to worthy endeavours.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

This episode is brought to you by our platinum sponsor Charity People.

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